Workshop 8: Easy Content Creation with eLAIX

Friday, 13 November, 15h30 - 17h30

Dr. Harry Boldt

With the OpenOffice extension eLAIX [ˈi.læks], authors can create high-quality content in Word or OpenOffice and export it with eLAIX as learning module into ILIAS. WIth eLAIX 3 and ILIAS 4, formatting of textes is no longer reduced to a fixed set of styles. Multi-level indents and lists are supported as well as side notes or specific paragraphs.


In this hands-on-workshop, participants can experience the effectiveness of eLAIX for creating content easily. Dr. Harry Boldt and Volker Reuschenbach (University of Münster) will present some best practice examples on how to use the new eLAIX version together with ILIAS 4. As a workshop participant, you are also invited to bring along additional documents to the workshop. Together, we will work out, how to successfully export them to ILIAS.


Dr. Harry Boldt has developed eLAIX (and the former iLEX) and is offering training and support for the tool.

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