E-learning Open-Minded - Extending ILIAS to Open Learning Environments

Didactical and technical approaches in the access of open content in the education of professionals for inland waterway transport

Presentation by Daniela Leopold, via donau ÖWGmbH (represented by Sabine Piribauer), and Anton Edtmeier, FH Steyr


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Friday, 13 November, 13h30 - 14h15

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Summary: The project EWITA unites nine partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania and Austria in the development of two e-learning platforms, providing open access content for the education in inland waterway transport (INeS Rhine-Maas-Schelde and INeS Danube). These two e-learning platforms will be implemented in an ILIAS environment that forces the exchange of content to harmonize the field of education in that area.


Focus within this implementation is the support for heterogeneous target group, which will be served in EWITA. It aims the use in schools and universities with special focus on nautics and logistics, as well as practitioners, who wish to be kept informed about the latest developments in this field. In order to meet the needs of every single user an open approach regarding the didactical and technical design within ILIAS had to be created. The didactical setup is based on a “target group based design” for different user access scenarios as well as the technical setup provides data exchange to a new created content repository. 



Lecturers: Mag.a Daniela Leopold graduated in educational science at the University of Vienna (Austria) 2007. After graduating she started working as a research assistant at the Department of General Science of Education and Media Education at the University of Vienna. Currently she is employed by via donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH, the Austrian waterway operator for the Danube. There she is responsible for the management of national as well as international projects in the field of education and training for inland waterway transport. Her main area of interest are in the didactical design of e-Learning platforms and Game Based Learning.   


DI(FH) Anton Edtmeier: Degree in MultiMediaArt, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (Austria) in 2000; Since 2003, eLearning Coordinator at FH OÖ, School of Management Steyr. Responsible for management and administration of eLearning infrastructure (ILIAS platform), development of multimedia and eLearning applications and user trainings and support. As projectpartner in EWITA, FH OÖ, Steyr is supporting the technical realisation of the ILIAS platforms and the content repository.  



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