Presentation 5

ARAG IQ – Training and Knowledge Management Powered by ILIAS

by Valeska Korfmacher, ARAG Senior Consultant Group HRD International


Friday, 24 September 2010, 13:30 - 15:00

Presentation in English with German simultaneous translation

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ILIAS is used by ARAG to hold the platform which supports administrative as well as content-related training- and knowledge exchange processes.


The roll-out of ARAG IQ took place on 1 August 2008. The platform is accessible by 2650 ARAG users today. ARAG IQ is integrating the Group-wide training-management in a one-stop-shop, allows HR to control training costs and output more efficiently, holds opportunities for cross-linked learning measures in work-groups and international forums, supports the monitoring and controlling of the yearly appraisal process within ARAG and offers the possibility to book and document training registration offered by external training suppliers outside the ARAG inhouse training programmes.


ARAG IQ is bundling, supporting and documenting all training measures and translates ARAG’s strategy-linked culture-statements into action. It allows the 13 international subsidiaries to share knowledge on an international, intercultural basis as well as to organise interactive learning-events.


ARAG IQ can serve as a best-practice example because it uses the features of ILIAS in many different, innovative ways. ARAG’s customized solutions might be interesting for other organisations as well.

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