ILIAS 2010 - Strategies and Developments

Matthias Kunkel

Opening speach by Matthias Kunkel, ILIAS open source, Cologne (Germany)

Thursday, 12 November, 10h20 - 11h00

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Summary: Shortly before this year's ILIAS conference, the ILIAS team has published the new version 4 of the open source learning management system. This version is a big step forward in ILIAS software development. ILIAS 4 is not a break but an evolution of the powerful ILIAS 3 which is used since 2004 by thousands of e-learning institutions worldwide.

In this speech Matthias Kunkel will present the development plans and strategies for 2010 and beyond. The presentation will focus on new possibilities of integration, the content development strategy with ILIAS, eLAIX and SCORM, improved ways of communicating in ILIAS, new ways of using ILIAS tools and possibilities to support administration tasks around e-learning.

Lecturer: Matthias Kunkel is member of the ILIAS coregroup and coordinating the ILIAS open source project since 2000. He is also co-organiser of the yearly ILIAS conference. 

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