Video-based Learning

Discover new possibilities – new functions and operational scenarios of interactive videos in ILIAS

Workshop held by Stefanie Zepf, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg; Marko Glaubitz, Universität Freiburg


Video as a supportive tool in multimedia learning and teaching environments is often used rather passively. The workshop’s goal is to present new ways of how participants can overcome their inactivity by means of the innovative functions the video tool provides. Additionally the workshop will offer an opportunity to practice the implementation of the new device. The advanced plugin now provides the possibility to embed videos from Youtube or Vimeo while confirming to data security and trademark laws. The variety of different types of questions and tasks has enhanced as the interactive video supports LaTeX, is able to take thumbnails from the video footage automatically and can be easily integrated in ILIAS learning modules.  The interactive video supports the learning progress of students and working through it can be used as a precondition to access other materials. These features open up entirely new didactic opportunities. Aside from conveying a theoretical basis, the workshop’s main focus lies on a hands-on approach to the topic.

The participants are requested to bring their own laptops.

Educationalist Stefanie Zepf works as a research fellow at the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. She supports lecturers at creating suitable didactic concepts in association with e-learning-projects and assists in realizing them. Apart from promoting the use of didactic videos in teaching her work centers on mentoring online-exams. Since 2015 she is the head of SIG-EA.

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