Training and Personnel Development

From analyzing the participants' demands to well-suited course designs: How to make e-learning even more lively and successful?

Hands-on-Tutorial, held by  Isabel DahlhausenDr. Tobias Schubert, Weiterbildungsprogramm „Intelligente Eingebettete Mikrosysteme" (IEMS)


 In blended learning as well as in online-based learning formats, the participants’ success highly relies on a didactically versatile and well-prepared learning management platform. Therefore, it is essential to take the characteristics of the target audience into account; not only within the didactic concept of a particular course (horizontal approach), but also within the design and appearance of the underlying learning management system (vertical) 1. To meet the requirements mentioned above, the training program “intelligent embedded microsystems” (IEMS) not only uses ILIAS as a learning and communication tool, additionally it serves as a knowledge store and even as an evaluation tool. In this hands-on tutorial, we will present our approach of applying ILIAS, which is practice-oriented and at the same time based on theoretical concepts known from the literature. Based on an analysis of the participants' demands, it will be demonstrated how the features of the learning platform ILIAS – such as interactive graphics, online meetings and topic-oriented self-tests – can be adapted in order to increase the learning success of the participants. During the tutorial, trainers and lecturers will focus on their own target group and work out how they can use ILIAS features to promote learning of their particular target audience. 

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