Training and Personnel Development

HELIOS Knowledge Account - Company-wide mandatory instruction in a matrix organization

Presentation held by Johannes Strumpf; Steffen Katzberg, HELIOS Kliniken GmbH; Dr. Nadine Schmidt, Qualitus GmbH


HELIOS Kliniken GmbH with approx. 72.000 employees at more than 200 locations in Germany are taking important steps this year towards introducing a company-wide training evaluation. In the course of this measure, the heterogeneous organizational structures of this hospital company are initially implemented in ILIAS with the objective of providing all employees with online courses for mandatory trainings. In a second step, an interface with an HR system will be implemented in order to achieve the highest possible degree of automation in user administration / course assignments. Subsequently, ILIAS is connected to the HELIOS intranet in order to allow this central means of work to present cumulative reports on department level. The last step in the project envisages the system integration of the seminar management in ILIAS. The lecture will discuss the challenges of such a project in a matrix organization (e.g., decentralization vs. centrality) as well as the solutions found and discuss them with the participants.

Johannes Strumpf and Steffen Katzberg are responsible for content development and content delivery at HELIOS Kliniken GmbH as well as the ongoing development of its technical infrastructure and its related organizational processes.
Dr. Nadine Schmidt is a project manager and trainer at Qualitus GmbH and responsible for consultation and implementation around the presented requirements. She has accompanied the team of HELIOS Kliniken GmbH for years in the development of the ILIAS platform.

Digital Campus for Continuing Education Baden-Württemberg - Content Sharing and Marketplace

Vortrag von Harald Grübele, vimotion GmbH; Roland Bauer, Kultusministerium Baden Württemberg


The Digital Campus for Continuing Education is based on ILIAS and represents a central infrastructure for technical supported teaching and learning scenarios, in which institutes for continuing education can implement new forms of presentations. An impending monopolarisation and digital seperation of the continuous education market, caused by the challenges of digitalisation, can be thereby avoided. Individual appearance, cooperation, networking, content sharing are essential aspects of the campus, therefore a joint marketplace needs to form. The license management plays, especially when learning contents are being used by multiple institutions, an important role. A variety of license forms; models and processes have to be dealt with legal certainity. For this purpose a license manager was developed, which is available to the users of SaaS - contracts and in which all imaginable licensing models with their corresponding licensing terms and conditions can be displayed.


Courses for public employees of the Autonomous Province of Bozen (Italy)

Presentation held by  Stefan Kontschieder, Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol (Südtiroler Landesverwaltung)


The public administration in our Province uses ILIAS to instruct online more than 10,000 employees. The biggest challenge is the need for a prematurely connection of all offices involved in the topics. In this way guidelines from Rome and Brussels can be offered online efficiently. Themes of online courses: Code of conduct, copyright, transparency and personal data protection. Wherever possible all ILIAS-courses and learning modules are made available under a creative commons licence.

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