Learning in 2020

BioCheMINTernational: Virtual training camp for international students as preparation for internships

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Dietmar Zenker, Hochschule Fresenius gem. GmbH · Fachbereich Chemie & Biologie


The project "BioCheMINTernational" was created to explore the potentials of ILIAS based teaching for chemistry students. Based on former work a "virtual training camp" was developed for students of "bio- and pharmaceutical analysis". They come from abroad (e.g. Egypt, Iran) and have very heterogenic previous knowledge. The course is supposed to allow students, before the start of the semester, to freshen up their knowledge and get to know the laboratory virtually, allowing a consistent level of knowledge. The digital subject matters contain interactive videos with integrated questions, e-tests and sample solutions. This presentation will illustrate the developement of the course, the participants' experiences as well as the future potentials.


Arne Ramstetter: B.Sc. Chemistry (Hochschule Isny), lecturer at the HS Fresenius in Idstein and involved in the project BioCheMINTernational.

Rana Youssef Essmat Achmed: from Egypt, master's degree in “bio- and pharmaceutical analysis“ at the HS Fresenius, scientifical assistant in the project

Dr. Dietmar Zenker: e-Learning consultant at the Hochschule Fresenius online plus GmbH; support of the transfer and advising function in the project

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Daubenfeld: dean and lecturer at the Hochschule Fresenius gGmbH, departement of chemistry & biology, project manager BioCheMINTernational

Life long learning within the Ewals Group (supported by ILIAS)

Presentation in English with running translation into German, held by Ing. Sebastiaan Vondenhoff, Ewals Cargo Care


For the future we have decided to allow user generated content in ILIAS, to use ILIAS as a collaborative and safe environment for managers and their employees for creating and maintaining personal development interviews. And last but not least we want to use ILIAS as a self service desk for registering and applying for (paid) courses and/or presentations.

Sebastiaan Vondenhoff is Learning Innovation Manager since 2013 at Ewals Cargo Care. He is responsible for implementation of ILIAS within the Ewals Group, ILIAS customization (different style sheets for different business units) and responsible for creating various learning content (amongst others the driver instruction videos, driver's knowledge test and driver communication gateway E-learnings which have been used for training over 600 own and subcontractor drivers). 

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality: The Near Future of Learning is Immersion

Presentation in English with running translation into German, held by Dr. Göran Kattenberg and Ing. Roberto del Mastro, Future Learning & OC Labs


Training and learning in the year 2020 will take advantage of new and innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Disruptive changes in the workforce and in the nature of work itself call for these new, more “consumer oriented” learning experiences. Immersive learning can be used to deal with these rapid changes in the way people learn. We will show best practices currently available in ILIAS and describe a solution how to deal with the challenges of incorporating these immersive learning activities based on Tin Can Experience API.

Göran Kattenberg, PhD. has been responsible for developing and deploying learning projects across a wide range of industries including public and corporate sectors and education. He has a Doctorate in Cognitive & Learning Psychology, and has over 20 years of experience in learning technology. He has been responsible for establishing successful product strategies for learning content management, collaboration, learning management and learning administration in several large-scale technology based learning projects in both Europe and the United States. His previous roles include Director of Product Management at Eedo Knowledgeware and various senior roles at Outstart Inc. Currently working as Learning Innovation Consultant at Future Learning BV.

Roberto del Mastro is one of the more experienced multimedia e-learning experts in Italy and EU. Member of AES since 1989, worked for multimedia company for 15 yrs before starting OC. OC is a 10-year-old consulting enterprise with two Ltds, one specialised in multimedia content production for the industry, one - OClab - producing software for marketing and training with augmented reality. All for a better creation of sales and marketing support tools. The founders of OC are managers with decades of international marketing experience in multinational companies. They decided, due to a precise "way of living" choice, to promote an innovative, convenient and more efficient marketing tools creation strategy, focused on customers involved in technology innovation for their products or services.

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