E-Learning in the classroom

Live Voting - Audience Response: Possible fields of application, hands-on, new developements

Workshop in German without translation, lead by Hansjörg Lauener, iLUB Universität Bern, and Martin Studer, studer + raimann AG


40% of university events are still lectures. How can activity be increased and an active discussion about subjects be achieved in a lecture with more than 50 people present? Interactive education does not come easy in large groups - this is where technical media can come in handy. With the ILIAS live voting plugin you can quickly and safely collect information about the students' level of knowledge, feedback for events or opinions about certain topics.




  • learn to get to know the possible fields of applying the live voting plugin
  • get the chance to get to know the lecturers' side with the help of hands-on exercises
  • can discuss the missing functionalities or question types for your own institution, and get to propose suggestions for developement
  • will learn everything there is to know about installing the live voting plugin

Martin Studer got to know ILIAS in 2004 and, together with this business associate Marcel Raimann, founded an e-learning service enterprise which is now known by the name of studer + raimann ag. This enterprise developes for ILIAS and caters to the support of smaller clients as well as the transfer of specific learning management processes for major customers.

Hansjörg Lauener leads the departement iLUB, the support for ICT based learning at the University of Bern. An important concern for him is to bring together the right people and to support innovation concepts of teaching and learning. iLUB supports teachers and researchers, lecturers and assistans in their endeavour to optimise teaching, research and collaboration through adequate application of informational and communicational technology (ICT).

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