E-Learning in the classroom

Flipped Classroom in an interdisciplinary course

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Wigand Rathmann, Michael Wensing and Stefanie Zepf; Friedrich-Alexander-Universtity Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)


For process- and power engineering master's degree students we offer a seminar called "Simulation of transport processes". The students practice the handling of simulation tools through the transfer of simple transport processes and connect these with basic mathematical principles. This course is led by lecturers of "transport processes" and engineer mathematics and falls back on a basic education from about three years back. Within the framework of a didactical reform (flipped classroom) the participants revise hitherto existing content by using ILIAS modules and formative online tests. Because of the preparation there is more time left to discuss and realise the questions and improvements. The flipped classroom approach is meant to support the students in dealing more intensely and self dependently with the acquired content of the curriculum.

Dr. Wigand Rathmann

Formative Assessment with ILIAS

Presentation in English with running translation into German, held by Alfred Werner, Spiral Math


SpiralMath has adopted ILIAS in the Mid-Atlantic states in the US to perform formative assessment for Common Core PARCC and Smarter Balance preparation through spaced repetition, dynamic quiz preparation, metacognition and reflection from the learner.

In this talk we will present our use of ILIAS core features, pedagalocial use of the platform toward those goals, extensions needed to the core platform, and results from and user tests.

Alfred Werner has been a leader in the technology and education space since the 1990s. As a business development leader he has founded several technology companies. As an education and learning enthusiast he developed the first competition platform for ThinkQuest, was in charge of ER design and strategy for the Sloan Foundation Careers in Science program, has taught computer science at the collegiate level, and even appeared on the cover of a high-school oriented chemistry magazine.

bwExams– "Virtual reconstruction" of existing PC pools to electronic test centres

Presentation in German without translation, held by Nicole Wöhrle and Johannes Heim, Universität Freiburg


The realisation of electronic examinations for different types of performances needs appropriate technical fundaments that can be provided flexibly. The project bwExams which is bwLearningpool-based establishes correspondently flexible sourroundings for electronic examination in student PC pools. Due to an online booted Linux basic system, a random numer of visualisable system software for examinational purposes can be provided and selected, thus allowing flexible use of the computers. Due to the high adaptability of bwLearningpool in combination with the ILIAS examination infrastructure (examination and marking server, RD gateway server) whole PC pools can be converted from a learning enviroment to a legally compliant examination enviroment "at the push of a button". In addition, the whole system can easily be embedded into a local infrastructure.

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