Linking systems and applications

Linking management systems with ILIAS

Workshop in German without translation, lead by Oskar Truffer, studer + raimann ag


Universities and companies are constantly faced with the challenge of integrating ILIAS into their existing system architecture. In this workshop we will show you several examples of integrated ILIAS systems. We will illustrate how the studer + raimann ag embeds ILIAS in already existing enviroments, and how ILIAS can act as a processor of external data as well as a transmitter of data created in ILIAS.


The topic will be discussed based on three examples:


ILIAS at the PhBern


The PhBern is an excellent example for a fully integrated LMS into various surrounding management systems:

- Automated synchronisation of Courses, Users and Roles from the main management system.

- Lecturers order ILIAS courses via the intranet

- Collection of Seminar work, Bachelor's and Master's Thesis via ILIAS DataCollection + Plugins

- Integration of the File Management System via the Cloud Plugin


ILIAS + publishing companies for teaching materials


Publishing companies in the current era fear for their financial bases since copying PDFs is incredibly easy. At the same time they need to publish their teaching materials in the internet in some form to keep up with technology.

We will discuss the possibilities and challenges of using ILIAS as an authority system for encrypted documents.

- Why ILIAS and not some DRM Service?

- How to store the documents locally and remote

- How to display the documents


ILIAS Offline App


The studer + raimann ag is working on a smartphone app for ILIAS. The app stores data for offline usage of e.g. course materials.

- Short presentation of the App

- How can the app stay maintainable

- What's the potential of an ILIAS App

Oskar Truffer, M.Sc. Computer Science is ILIAS developer and staff member of the studer + raimann ag. This enterprise developes for ILIAS and caters to the support of smaller clients as well as the transfer of specific learning management processes for major customers.

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