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Making ILIAS information available in auditory or visual form

Workshop in English without translation, lead by Hester Wijnen and Robert Kuunders, Future Learning BV


An ILIAS system typically contains a lot of information, both in the form of content as well as learning progress information.


As for learning progress, ILIAS has several ways to report on its data, but basically these are simple predefined matrix reports containing information about who has done what, possibly with a way to filter the information. Nowadays, many people prefer this data to be shown in a visually more pleasing way. Not only because that is prettier and easier to read, but also because visual effects can highlight exceptions. We find that with our customers, the visually pleasing way to report data is considered very important. We will show different ways to accomplish this.


About the content, this is often presented in a textual format. When designed with the audience in mind, these texts are written on the level of the people who need to read the content. But for many people, reading texts is not the optimal way to learn. Many people learn much better when the text is spoken. Using professional text speaker software, you can improve the learning level of your staff and/or students. We will show you how you can design content in ILIAS that can be read to the learner, if so desired.

Robert Kuunders has been working for  the past 15 years as a trainer and consultant in internet publishing technology and elearning development. He started in Cartography and Geographical Information System technology at Utrecht University after which he spend 5 years at Delft University of Technology, department of Geodetic Engineering to teach and research in Multi-media implementations in GIS. He is also ILIAS trainer and expert at Future Learning BV.

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