Linking systems and applications

Overcoming Borders - Enabling Exchange and Networking

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Kim Herms and Olaf Pütz, Hochschule Fresenius


For the Hochschule Fresenius, overcoming borders does not only mean linking ILIAS installations, but also connecting to different departements in various locations. This causes the following challenges:


  • How can cross-departement teachings be realised despite varying ILIAS installations?
  • How can central and for all groups relevant information be provided as seamlessly as possible?

These two fields of applying an EC-server at the Hochschule Fresenius will be presented. On the one hand we will demonstrate the current solution - using the EC-server without re-registration to gain access to a neutral, central ILIAS installation. On the other hand we will talk about the experiences of cross-departement and cross-ILIAS installation teachings.


The subjects of the adjacent discussion will not only be the successful usage and networking of central data, but also the challenges this comprehensive concept causes.

Kim Herms, Dipl. Päd., media didact, coordinator of content production, departement onlineplus. Besides the didactic support of ILIAS usage she is responsible for the media didactical reworking of educational material for online courses.


Olaf Pütz, Head of university didactic & e-learning at the Hochschule Fresenius; years of experience in university teachings; besides classical didactics his focal points are the usage of digital teaching and examination instruments.

Education process support system in ILIAS

Presentation in English with running translation into German, held by Anatolijs Savins, Latvian National Defence Academy


One of the most important stages in the process of training is the planning process. The NDA had raised the question of how to make this process more efficient by using all the resources of distance education and specially ILIAS platform.As a result NDA centre of distance education developed the new modules for ILIAS. The EPSS or education process support sistem is newer ILIAS module consisting of 3 sub-modules:
  • Booking - classroom sign up, which is associated with the training schedule
  • Training schedule - lesson planning module, which is associated with the training schedule
  • Grades - e -tag journal for lecturers and students
  • Library - scientific data storage and book reservation
  • Mobile application for EPSS module


How can you go beyond ILIAS' limits with other applications?

Presentation in English with running translation into German, held by Jochem Verheul, L&M Software bv


L&M offers 3 different kind of products and for each product they have used Ilias in a different way. In a presentation they will show you they technique and solution behind each combination.

Jochem Verheul is a specialist in building software for course administration and compliancy management in the Netherlands.

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