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eLAIX: LibreOffice/OpenOffice, ILIAS Glossary and Flashcard Training

Workshop in German without translation, lead by Dr. Harry Boldt, BOLDT MEDIA


The newest version of the ILIAS offline editor eLAIX allows the creation of glossaries that can be exported as ILIAS glossaries from LibreOffice or OpenOffice. These externally created glossaries are completely adequate and can be edited and used in ILIAS. 

This workshop shows the procedure of creating a glossary in LibreOffice by using existing materials. After importing the glossary to ILIAS, its functions are presented and a flashcard training will be created from it.

Dr. Harry Boldt is engineer for biomedical science technology and media education. Having started his career in software developement, various e-learning software tools are his work. Besides projects and training in CMS Contao, Harry offers adjusting the ILIAS user surface to the own corporate design (System Styles).

Since his participation in the bmb+f project INGMEDIA in 2001 Harry has been developing the software eLAIX, which works as an add-on to OpenOffice/LibreOffice and allows the offline creation of ILIAS compatible units. eLAIX is continually being advanced and now even offers an ePUB 3 e-book export.

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