Acknowledging learning activities and competences

Application of learning objective oriented courses at the Swiss Air Navigation Services

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Roland Frei, skyguide


On the basis of a course for air navigation specialists, how and why the Swiss Air Navigation Services uses learning objective oriented courses for the schooling and further developement of their staff will be illustrated in this presentation.

The speaker will present an ILIAS based blended learning concept and its application. Information about motives, experiences and considerations for course structure will be shared.

Roland Frei is "training manager AIM services" at the Swiss Air Navigation Services skyguide. He has been using ILIAS for more than ten years to school the personnel.

Individualisation despite standardisation: E-assessments with ILIAS

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Daniel Labhart, Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau


In the course of a practical experience report, possibilities of realising a learning strategic individualisation in e-assessments with the help of ILIAS are illustrated. A lot of emphasis is put on the potential of creating a moderate individualisation with regards to content by means of in depth subjects and reading of choice. Furthermore we will present how student bodies develop and structure examination questions together by using question pools and taxonomies. Another subject of discussion will be the experiences with BYOD when conducting online examinations.

Daniel Labhart (lic. phil.) is a specialist at the media and didactical centre of the Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau. Since 2014 he has been leading the task group e-learning and didactics.

Employee qualification with ILIAS

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Martin Studer, studer + raimann ag


In this presentation we will demonstrate how ILIAS can be efficiently and effectively used for employee qualification. The speaker will show how indivual schooling processes can be depicted with ILIAS and how certificational and re-certificational processes can be conducted. Get to learn the challenges and requirements that allow supervisors and HR authorities to maintain an overview of the assigned competences of their colleagues.

Martin Studer got to know ILIAS in 2004 and, together with this business associate Marcel Raimann, founded an e-learning service enterprise which is now known by the name of studer + raimann ag. This enterprise developes for ILIAS and caters to the support of smaller clients as well as the transfer of specific learning management processes for major customers.

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