Acknowledging learning activities and competences

Three Uses of Surveys in Comptence-Driven Scenarios

Workshop in English without translation, lead by Alexandra Tödt, leifos GmbH


We will look at three uses surveys can be put to in competence-driven learning and teaching scenarios. After a short introduction to pedagogic concept and implications of each these uses, participants get to inspect real-world specimen of surveys for each use in ILIAS. Thus participants are kindly asked to bring their computers. 

We will look at and play around with 

  • surveys which allow capturing knowledge and competences prior to a course. Resulting data can be employed to spark discussion, to make informed choices about thematic priorities. 
  • surveys which allow administering 360°-Feedback and assigning competences. Results can serve as a starting point for individual development. 
  • specific, tried-and-tested surveys to evaluate the acquisition of competences: the National Survey of Student Engagement and the Evaluation of Acquisition of Competences of the University of Graz.

Alexandra Tödt is managing director of leifos GmbH. She is a veteran e-learner, project manager and one of the community longest standing contributors.

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