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xAPI: the future of SCORM in ILIAS

Workshop in English without translation, lead by Uwe Kohnle, Internetlehrer GmbH, and Stanislav Wischniak, Qualitus GmbH


Since 2013 the new specification experience API (xAPI) for interconnectedness of learning experiences is officially finalised and many providers advertise their products with it. But what exactly is xAPI, what advantages does the new standard offer, compared to SCORM, and how can these new developements can be used in ILIAS?


In this workshop we will first of all present the basic idea of xAPI, and together examine which of the new potentials correlate with the real requirements of ILIAS users. Furthermore we will present a new concept of how xAPI can be utilised in ILIAS in the future, and how xAPI learning progress data will be accessible for evaluation in ILIAS.

Uwe Kohnle has been at the Pädagogische Hochschule since 1999 to support the introduction of e-learning in its early stages. As one of the pioneers for e-learning at schools he saw (and still sees) standards for new ways of learning as a necessity to reach many. This motivation helped to distinguish himself as an ILIAS maintainer. xAPI now offers a wide variety of existing learning experiences and collaborative processes - very exciting possibilities for Uwe.


Stanislav Wischniak has been occupied with ILIAS and SCORM since 2007 and has since then helped many users and further developement of modules. This lead him to participate and enrich the developing of the interface of SCORM and ILIAS. Since the coming to existence of "Experienced API" (also called "TinCan API"), Stanislav has been working at an idea of combining ILIAS and xAPI which stems from a bachelor's thesis and the interest of the dutch army.

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