Motivating high levels of interaction and communication

arriving, learning, sticking with it – ILIAS in student life-cycle of scientifical development

Workshop in German without translation, lead by Jeanette Kristin Weichler M.Sc., Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE and Marko Glaubitz, Universität Freiburg


Participants in scientifical training first of all distinguish themselves by their great heterogenity, and in most cases do not come from the auditorium to the learning platform, but from the office enviroment and the family duties and return back there after completion of the program. In this workshop we want to present concepts that integrate ILIAS in the whole student life-cycle and discuss them critically. The Freiburg programs embed ILIAS right from the start of blended learning scenarios, use it intensively for interactive online learning and try to integrate ILIAS as a community platform. The participants are invited to collect and share their own holistic student life-cycle concepts for ILIAS teaching and training online in preparation for the workshop. Depending on the developemen and outcome of the workshop, a joint publication of the outcome of this subject is possible and encouraged.

Jeanette Kristin Weichler is a member of research staff of Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE and the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg. She is in charge of the project "energy system engineering" which is funded by the BMBF. The focal points of her work are the following subjects: educational and scientific management, developement of work accompanying offers, target group appropriate didactic and evaluation, transfer of knowledge as well as composition of cooperational structures.

Marko Glaubitz works as a scientific assistant at university of Freiburg. He is responsible for the further developement of ILIAS installations and educational support of teachers and students at the university.

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