Motivating high levels of interaction and communication

70-20-10 with ILIAS – Is it possible?

Workshop in German without translation, lead by Dr. Nadine Schmidt, Qualitus GmbH


70-20-10 is often seen as the new "big" rule for schooling and human resource developement in organisations. The idea is that in reality, learning is achieved 70% during the processing of tasks and duties "on the job", 20% through communication and interaction with colleagues and 10% through participation in futher developement events and trainings.


In the course of the workshop a short overview of the topic will be given and the correlation wtih ILIAS will be illustrated. After showing several exemplary scenarios of application, the following questions will be discussed:

  • How is ILIAS being used in companies/organisations for informal or collaborative working and learning?
  • What will scenarios of application look like in the future?
  • Which functionalities in ILIAS play a role for this ?
  • Where can this need for developement be seen?

Dr. Nadine Schmidt is project manager and trainer for ILIAS services at Qualitus. She has been working with ILIAS for more than ten years and has implimented ILIAS for many customers, as well as having attended to its further developement.

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