Motivating high levels of interaction and communication

Teams and Informal Learning

Workshop in English without translation, lead by Alexandra Tödtleifos GMbH, and Marko Glaubitz, Universität Freiburg


Teams provide users with a place of their own to collaborate informally. Users create these spaces for collaboration autonomously from i.e. their course administrators. Teams are especially configured group-objects governed by local didactical templates, allowing for more versatile scenarios than the previous closed/open dichotomy. 
The place for creating teams can be featured prominently in an installation to encourage uptake. Teams can become an additional entry to the main menu. 
Teams can be set-up to self-destruct once they outlived their purpose so administrators are not burdened with pruning. 
Users communicate with news to report on their activities. A dedicated ‘Timeline’-tab features this stream of news. 
This workshop outlines didactical opportunities coming with informal learning in teams, provides with hands-on instructions on how teams are set up: We will spend the workshop time evenly on presentation, practice and discussion.


Alexandra Tödt is managing director of leifos GmbH. She is a veteran e-learner, project manager and one of the community longest standing contributors.
Marko Glaubitz works as a scientific assistant at university of Freiburg. He is responsible for the further developement of ILIAS installations and educational support of teachers and students at the university.

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