Motivating high levels of interaction and communication

Coaches creating opportunities

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Yvonne Seiler, Universität Bern, Supportstelle für ICT-gestützte Lehre und Forschung (iLUB)


Teachers have to give up control - something that does not come easy to all. In order to support the learning and let them know that they are responsible for their own progress, the teachers have to take up the role of a coach. Based on field reports conducted by teachers of the University of Bern and a social organisation based in Bern, models are being presented in which students play an active role in their own learning process and take responsibility for their own actions. The challenges that this causes for teachers and the role ILIAS plays in this will be a part of the presentation.


„The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.“ (Alexandra K. Trenfor)

Yvonne Seiler has been working at the support for ICT-based teaching and research (iLUB) at the University of Bern. Her focal points are consulting, instruction and ILIAS support. She acquired her knowledge about didactics and design during her studies as a teacher for German, art and IT (Master of Arts in Secondary Education) and her teaching position for adults in Multimedia and New Media. The direct contact to users is absolutely vital to her and also becomes obvious in the interest for usability and interaction design.

Community of Practice ‚Gesundheitsmanagement‘

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Indra Bremser-Eckhard, Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik (BGHW)


The occupation cooperative society for trade and goods logistics (BGHW) trains workplace health managers. After their further education these people take up additional duties in their businesses. With the goal to motivate the former participants to be actively involved in their learning processes, the BGHW accompanies the transfer to their normal course of work with a Community of Practice in ILIAS.
The BGHW organises a BarCamp, provides content and offers the communicative framework of the community. Former participants provide advice: they share their experiences, help eachother to keep their processes in motion or get informed about a subject. We explain our strategic considerations for the CoP set-up. We show our realisation in ILIAS. We give an honest report about the accomplishmemts after the first year.

Indra Bremser-Eckhard is a work and organisational psychologist and has, amongst other things, gained experience in the field of industrial engineering and management. She strives to advance the creation of a workplace that is beneficial to one's health, and to align humans, animals and technology.

Dropout in blended learning: Means to increase motivation, communication and interaction of participants in further education

Presentation in German with running translation into English, held by Jeanette Kristin Weichler M.Sc., Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE


The choice of target group appropriate didactic concepts and media is a challenge when it comes to delevoping MINT blended learning training. A study of adult education droputs (Schmidt, 2011) shows that, especially in further education based mostly or fully online, a loss in motivation can be observed. When asked to give reasons for this, most participants named lack of practical orientation, anonymity, few possibilites of interaction and lack of support. ILIAS offers various possibilites of using modern media in further education.
This presentation will show different approaches of choosing appropriate media and applying them in ILIAS, by using Fraunhofer ISE "energy system engineering" modules. With the help of several examples, the presentation will show how reasons for lack of participation and communication can be indentified and thus how interaction and motivation can be increased.

Jeanette Kristin Weichler is a member of research staff of Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE and the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg. She is in charge of the project "energy system engineering" which is funded by the BMBF. The focal points of her work are the following subjects: educational and scientific management, developement of work accompanying offers, target group appropriate didactic and evaluation, transfer of knowledge as well as composition of cooperational structures.

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