Opening presentations by the hosts

Military education and training of the future (2030)

Presentation in English language by Esther Oprins, TNO, The Hague, for Dutch Ministry of Defence


The presentation contains a future vision on education and training for the Dutch MoD. The main principles will be explained related to a case, and some new technologies will be related to this vision of the future.

Esther Oprins is a senior research scientist at TNO since 2009. She is involved with selection, education and training research and mainly works for the Military of Defense. Projects relate to educational design, validation of selection and training systems, learning technology, competence assessment systems, etcetera. Before TNO, she worked for 8 years at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands which she combined with a PhD study at Maastricht University on assessment of air traffic controllers. Her first job was educational consultant at CINOP where she worked for 4 years.

Here comes 5.2 - a preview on the next ILIAS main release

Presentation in German language by Matthias Kunkel, ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V.


A new ILIAS version 5.2 will be published end of year. ILIAS product manager Matthias Kunkel will provide a first insight into this new major release and present some new features as well as several extensions and improvements of existing tools. Additional topics of the presentation are sustainability and PHP7, the Kitchen Sink activities and how streamlining and design revision of ILIAS is going on.


Matthias Kunkel is ILIAS product manager and coordinating the ILIAS software development process. He is also general manager of the ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V. and co-organiser and moderator of the ILIAS conference.

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