Open Educational Resources

Using the right technique to advance Open Educational Resources

Workshop held by Uwe Kohnle, gGmbH; Fred NeumannFAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Institut für Lern-Innovation


The joint projects openUP (ILIAS open source e-Leraning e.V. and gGmbH) and OERinForm (consortium of media center at universities, AMH e.V.), which are funded by the BMBF, sensitize and motivate an increased usage of OER within universities. The typical requirements for OER (reproduction, usability, implementation, blending and dissemination) as well as the areas of application which come with the usage of OER demand further developments within ILIAS. These developments can be discussed during the workshop and amongst the Special Interest Group (SIG) Content Sharing. At the beginning of the workshop there will be a presentation of the scheduled ILIAS features and a plugin, that is developed within the project OERinForm. With the help of the plugin, the search engine and the license-distinction in ILIAS will be extended to allow a simpler release procedure. Subsequently requirements will be compiled to further develop the plugin and for future functions at the core of ILIAS.

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