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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sandra Aßmann, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Kaspar, Daniel Konrath, Alexander Pentzlin, University Cologne


We present first results from a research project which was realized at the University of Cologne. Students of the bachelor’s degree “Intermedia” (Arts, Music, Media Education and Media Psychology) created their own (personal) learning environments within the limits of the Learning Management System ILIAS.




Aresch Yavari, Databay AG


In the past years an increasingly relevant application for e-learning has been conduction of online exams. Carrying out these exams requires, next to a central platform like ILIAS, partly high investments in exam organization and room infrastructure. Our ILIAS extension is provided as a plug-in and builds a bridge between the online administration and evaluation of exams on one side and the conduction of normal paper-based testing on the other side. With the help of our plug-in you can generate a paper-based test with additional materials from within an ILIAS Test object using multiple- and single choice questions. The participants of the exam correspondingly receive an answer sheet to fill out. Every sheet is provided with a QR-code that clearly identifies the examinee and the course. The filled out answer sheets are then scanned by the proctor and sent back to ILIAS which automatically evaluates the answer sheet and adds the results to the ILIAS Test.


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Ulrich Forster, University Hohenheim and Fabian Schmid, studer + raimann ag


In July 2014 the Hohenheimer Learning Spaces already received an award as the best projects in the category “eEducation”. 2015 the mobile teaching Hohenheim received the “10. Deutschen E-Learning Innovations und Nachwuchs-Award” (d-elina) [10thGerman E-Learning Innovation- and Talent-Award] in the category “Campus” as best electronic project. Since the project received positive response in german-speaking countries, the participants decided to extend the learning spaces technically and didactically and provide it to the ILIAS community. The speakers will present the current state of development.

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