ILIAS & Mathematics

STACK - First steps towards a new world of questions

Hands-on-Tutorial, held by Wigand RathmannFriedrich-Alexander-Universtität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU); Mikko VaskoHochschule Karlsruhe


STACK stands for "System for Teachlng and Assessment using Computer algebra Kernel" and was invented by Chris Sangwin for Moodle. This question type is now available for ILIAS too, thanks to a crowdfunding of the ILIAS-Community.

This workshop will give you a first impression of the question type and how to deal with it. The learner answer can be evaluated with respect to (improper) application of mathematical concepts and a detailed feedback can be provided by using a CAS in the background. Generating multi-part questions one have the possibility to determe subsequent faults in the given answer. We guide and assist you, while you will generate a first simple STACK question, so that you better get to know this question type.

Wigand Rathmann teaches Mathematics for Engineers at the FAU since 2008 and uses several features of ILIAS in his courses. His focus is on dynamical content to visualize mathematical concepts.

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