ILIAS and Beyond




Kevin Fuchs, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe


Systems for personalized e-learning face multiple challenges. They should provide adaptivity to individual learners‘ needs. They should be applicaple to arbitrary subject areas and learning scenarios and support the implementation of subject-specific didactical models. INTUITEL provides an approach to semantically interconnect learning material within a LMS, considering didactical and personalized aspects. By this it supports the learner with learning recommendations.


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Max Bercker, Databay AG


The EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency – set forth a number of regulations for civilian aviation, that are to
be strictly followed by airlines and training providers. ILIAS – enhanced with Databay AGs Business AddOn Suite – has proven to be able to support this very important and complex scenario. This talk presents a business case of a training provider in the aviation industry and how ILIAS is used to educate and recertify pilots, cabin crews and ground personnel of charter airlines in germany.




Dr. Lutz Martin Keppeler, Heuking Kühn Luer Wojtek


The use of ILIAS in combination with proprietary content and proprietary software leads to a series of legal questions: What needs be taken into account in license agreements and terms of use? How far goes the Copyleft-effect? Who needs an imprint? Is a declaration of consent necessary, if personal data of students are processed in ILIAS and what happens, if someone manipulates such data? Who needs an imprint and who is liable for self-created user-content? What questions were raised in an international sale of ILIAS-based products? This and similar legal issues will be discussed in the lecture.


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