Identifying and developing competences : 1

Competence management in retail trade


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Dr. Kerstin Baumgarten, Zentralstelle für Berufsbildung im Handel e.V.

Dr. Jens Breuer, Qualitus GmbH


Within the scope of the project „Flexible Learning in retail trade II“ a competence model for trade has been developed. One main topic was the assessment of competencies with different tools and instruments in vocational education. The presentation shows the developing process, problems and wishes to use and implement the 360 feedback in ILIAS for the assessment of 10 transversal competencies in retail trade for self and external assessment. The presentation gives also a short insight into the further development of competence management in trade.

ILIAS in retail - an experience report




Joel Hesse, Douglas Perfumery Germany


E-Learning voluntarily with ILIAS for retailers. Can this work? In 2013 ILIAS was introduced by Douglas Perfumery Germany to train over 5000 associates in the headquarters and stores in Germany and Italy. The project manager Joel Hesse provides some facts about the past, present and future of the system in Germanys major perfumery and sums up to a first summary.

Diagnosing and promoting mathematical competencies


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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Winter, Dr. Christoph Neugebauer, Dr. Sebastian Krusekamp, Universität Münster


Mathematics-online-self-assessments with ILIAS can announce more than just solutions rates! The presentation will show how diagnostic mathematics-online-self-assessments can be developed that provide an individual, detailed, time- and location-independent diagnosis of mathematical skills of a person - way more concrete and detailed than existing offers. Support for learners and teachers!

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