Designing ILIAS : 1

Informing, Communication, Organizing - Degreeprogram coordination with ILIAS




Prof. Dr. Andreas Bunzemeier, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg


Study programs are becoming more versatile, and studying is becoming more mobile! For a smooth course of their studies it is important that students always have available current information about course scheduling, exams, registration deadlines, courseroom changes and so on. At the same time it must be avoided to flood them with too many informations being irrelevant for their individual study course. An ILIAS-based information platform is presented that addresses these issues and opens up ways to inform the students interactively and focussed on their special study situation.

Promoting independent study with the help of ILIAS - Didactical design criteria for the creation of a webquest


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Daniela Weber & Thomas Franz-Tzimoulis, Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW


Within the scope of a project, we created a comprehensive WebQuest. Its aim was the self-directed development of a paper for prohibition of further trade activity. The course-site was structured with a didactical design using various ILIAS-objects. We would like to show, why self-directed learning should be supervised and not just “designed”.

Controlling of Projects at IT-Learning Spaces with ILIAS




Ingo Jackisch, SRH Berufliche Rehabilitation Heidelberg GmbH/DHBW Karlsruhe


In the IT-Trainings of the vocational promotion center Heidelberg elements based on practical experience are becoming more important. For trainees this means independently working on subject matter and self-organization based on project activities. At the IT-Learning Spaces an accordingly equipped ILIAS course is set up with exercises, surveys, files, and folders with special permissions to give these projects a framework. These elements, our configuration and our gathered experiences will be the focus of my presentation.

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