Didactic Use of ILIAS Tools - C5

Developing SCORM contents using the ILIAS SCORM editor

Workshop in English language, offered by Hester Wijnen and Peter Pellemans, Future Learning B.V.

Can you develop professionally looking and interactive SCORM modules using the built-in SCORM Editor in ILIAS? Yes, you can! This workshop is an introduction on how to accomplish this, the issues you may run into, and the advantages or disadvantages of using the ILIAS SCORM Editor over using third-party tools like Storyline or Captivate.

Future Learning B.V. is ILIAS Service Provider for The Netherlands and Belgium. Its main activities are

  1. ILIAS consulting, training and hosting,
  2. Delivering standard e-learning, and,
  3. Developing custom e-learning modules.

Hester Wijnen has a background in training, consultancy, LMS implementation/administration, and training co-ordination; she is ILIAS SCORM e-learning developer, trainer, and consultant at Future Learning B.V.

Peter Pellemans has a background in software engineering and LMS; he is senior ILIAS consultant at Future Learning B.V.

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