Didactic Use of ILIAS Tools - C4

Portfolio-Work During Study Abroad – Reflection and Documentation of Diversity-Experience

Our talk focuses on the process of studying abroad and the associated monitoring of gaining diversity competence. We present a module of the computer science study programs in WS 2012/13, where portfolio work as method has been arranged the first time, using a combination of the ILIAS E-Portfolio-components blog, portfolio and exercise. The module was taught under didactical responsibility of Prof. Dr. Gerlinde Schreiber and Dipl.-Päd. Angelika Finkenzeller and was supported in mediadidactic concerns by the MMCC.

We report about our experiences whether and how the ILIAS tools met the needs of the portfolio work, and which consequences have to be considered for competence-oriented teaching and assessment.

Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Wilkens, Diplom-Informatikerin, engaged as scientific director  of the Media Competence Center (MMCC) at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen since 2001. The MMCC is responsible for the ILIAS installation at the University since 2002. ILIAS serves as campuswide online cooperation platform for nearly 10000 users of all faculties.

ILIAS and learning English - a perfect match

This presentation will outline the range of ways in which ILIAS can be used in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Practical examples from a university context will be provided to give a taste of what can be done, both in class and outside of regular class time. 

Donald Richardson co-ordinates and teaches English courses at the language centre of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former University of Karlsruhe) in Germany. He is also responsible for the language centre’s multimedia room. Donald is particularly keen to use technology to motivate students and has been instrumental in promoting the use of ILIAS in his context.

Authentic Assessment and Plagiarism Prevention

Vortrag von John McGettrick und Mark Harnor, turnintin, Newcastle (Englisch mit Simultanübersetzung ins Deutsche)

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