About ILIAS - A2

User-driven development: How to get into the driver’s seat – understanding the organization of ILIAS

Workshop in English language, offered by Alexander Killing, Leifos GmbH

This workshop provides people who are interested in ILIAS with information about the product, the community and the society. We will address the following questions:


  • ILIAS is owned by its users. How does this work? What is implied by GPL for my everyday work?
  • ILIAS development is driven by users. How can this work? Where can I obtain information? How can I get what I want and what do I have to bring to the table?
  • How are the ILIAS Community and ILIAS Society organized? What are its tools, meetings, traditions and how can I join?  Do I have to join? What is in there for me spending time on this?

Alexander Killing is the ILIAS Head of Development and the managing director of leifos GmbH.

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