T1 โ€“ Application-oriented testing with ILIAS

Creating Rich, Authentic, and Secure Online Exams with ILIAS and Safe Exam Browser

Workshop in English, moderated by Stephan Winiker, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


ILIAS offers many tools and features that allow us to create assessments focussing on applicable skills and knowledge. Additionally, we now have the Safe Exam Browser for locking down the computers of testees and thus creating a controlled environment to run those exams without forgoing all the opportunities provided by the internet.


Our difficult task now lies in creating intelligent scenarios and environments that take advantage of these opportunities.
This workshop will start with a presentation of the possibilities offered by the combination of ILIAS and the Safe Exam Browser and of some examples. Mostly though, we would like to open the floor to share experiences with and needs towards online exams, discuss ideas, and maybe even find an interested collaborator or sparing partner to put these ideas into practice.

Stephan Winiker is an E-Learning-Specialist at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. His task span from programming to didactical support for lecturers.

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