Workshop 2: Power and Performance - Handling of Large Installations

Thursday, 12 November, 16h00 - 18h00


This workshop is specially organised for system administrators of bigger ILIAS installations. You will learn more about specific server settings and how to improve the performance and security of your ILIAS installation.

Ralf Schenk

The workshop is guided by Ralf Schenk who is administrating over 100 ILIAS installations for Databay AG, Aachen (Germany).

Mark Kusserow is member of the e-learning competence team at University of Cologne and administrating an ILIAS client with over 30.000 users and more then 500 concurrent users. Since 2008, this ILIAS installation is running successfully on a cluster with virtual webservers, dedicated database server and fileserver and two loadbalancer. To know more about this installation and its hardware, please see (only in German).

Presentation Slides:

» Introduction and Overview by Ralf Schenk

» Good Practice University of Cologne by Mark Kusserow and Christian Bogen

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